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Susana Cabrera shoes are icons of femininity.

Born from imagination, infatuation and expertise, Susana Cabrera harnesses ancient artisanal techniques passed down through generations to produce contemporary couture shoes using the supplest leathers, butter-soft suedes, flawless detailing and jewellery.

A native of Córdoba, world-renowned for the production of the finest leathers since the 12th century, an appreciation of shoes is in Susana’s DNA.
She inherited an early passion for fine footwear from her grandfather, watching him obsessively polish and care for his substantial collection of exquisite handmade leather brogues. Inspired by the same historic, local techniques she grew up with, today each Susana Cabrera shoe is equally carefully crafted, and handmade in Spain.

Susana Cabrera’s perfectly edited collections focus on practicality as well as sensuous charm, stepping effortlessly from day to evening in sister flats and heels designed side by side. Elegance and wearability are the result of Susana’s meticulous attention to detail. Each shoe is expertly crafted to fit; it takes between 70 and 100 steps to create every pair. As a female designer, Susana has concentrated on featuring softly padded insoles, discreetly elasticised ankle straps, and gently ribbed soles. Sparkling jewels combine with hand stitched finishes and Susana’s signature heel detail, to create supremely comfortable fashion-conscious footwear of the highest quality.

Inspirational and aspirational, Susana Cabrera delights in the process of producing beautiful shoes, which combine seductive glamour with comfort and authenticity.

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