The Chic behind the Shoes


Family influence often makes for an inspiring story behind some of the world’s best creatives. From families of actors to musical talents and budding artists, the roles held by family members offer an influence on many of our own life choices – and Susana Cabrera is no different. 

Susana’s passion for shoes began in her childhood – a place and a time where influence and talent are often found and nurtured. Every Susana Cabrera shoe tells the story; memories of watching a Grandfather who would polish and care for his own leather brogues with the care and delicacy that is now so apparent in Susana’s own work. Memories of days on a production line, learning the techniques that originated in Cordoba in Spain.

And yet Susana’s approach to shoemaking has never changed. Every pair of shoes tells a tale that so closely links with Susana’s family history and upbringing, creating a work of art that has been specially made for your feet. 

Handcrafted individually using these same techniques she grew up alongside, this is more than a pair of shoes. Designed to provide the finest comfort and the most outstanding style, no matter what the occasion, these are shoes you can rely on to be practical and stylish. And there’s one more thing.   

It is a way to showcase your personality. It is a way to show the world who you are and who you want to be. It is a modern-day link to a timeless tradition, where handcrafted shoemaking and leatherwork were at the forefront of influence and design. 

And it is a way for your grandchildren to one day look to you and build their own influences and inspirations. 

Susana Cabrera