Shoe Study: Carmen Media Luna


Every season must have one. That shoe that defies all the rules and introduces the wearer to confidence they never thought possible. At Susana Cabrera that shoe is the ‘Media Luna’ shoe in the Carmen heel – a height defying heel that lifts the leg nestles the foot perfectly in a bed of 100% supple leather. 

Every shoe in the Carmen range boasts the heel and hidden platform, to elevate the entire foot and create a leg that seems to go on forever. The difference with the ‘Media Luna’ is in detail. 

Every shoe features three different shades of sequin, individually sewn into the fabric to create a striped exterior that shines with every step. The royal blue fabric gives off a regal feel while the electric blue, gold and black sequins complement the blue perfectly. Due to the exquisite hand stitching, the sequined fabric requires a very distinct regime of care so as not to unravel and lose their delicate placement. Wipe the shoes downwards, following the direction of the sequins, with a damp cloth and dry immediately after cleaning.

Every shoe is a unique product that is made by hand in Spain. Representing the passion and skill of our dedicated production team, our shoes are made to the finest quality, and each deserves recognition of their own. 

The ‘Carmen Media Luna’ is our current one to watch; perfect to liven up those summer nights and festivals, but also ideal for dressing up a more wintery look when the seasons change. 

The point is this. Susana Cabrera may be made with a season in mind, but it will never go out of style. And as someone wise once said, fashion is temporary, but the style is forever. Susana Cabrera is built on style. 

Susana Cabrera