Our top picks for your perfect summer


Every summer, we receive fashion magazines with headlines that scream of statement prints, bold colours for the season and styles that are seemingly only valid for one month only. In a world where Instagram has become the target for the photographers, the travellers, the bloggers and now the shoppers; every item is now tagged, commented on and reviewed. And in the middle of all that lies that season’s ‘look’. What is in? What is everyone else wearing?

How can I keep up? 

Susana Cabrera is a brand created with you in mind. Yes, there will be times when your chosen dress calls for a certain shade of coral, or when a member of the family requests that everyone dresses in a very distinct pattern from head to toe. But for the everyday woman, our vision is to provide you with a few pieces that will work across your wardrobe, across the seasons, and even across the years. 

First up is our simple flat-heeled ‘Gloria Arena’ shoe. Made from the softest suede at our production facility in Spain, this shoe is 100% suede and is built to last. Lengthening the look of any leg, no matter what shape or size, this shoe will become your Spring/Summer wardrobe’s best friend, as it adds a light and summery feel to any outfit. Also available in black – known on our website as ‘Negro’, this shoe is perfect for the office and can be dressed both up or down for anything from a fancy meal out to a coffee date with friends. 

Our staple heel of the summer is the ‘Mia Corcho Brilliante’, to add a pop of glamour to your wardrobe. With a variety of colours available, the Susana Cabrera ‘Mia’ heel is a staple in its own right no matter what shade you opt for, but our personal favourite this year is the gold glitter shoe. Covered in a glitter fabric, the interior of the shoe is handmade with 100% leather, creating a comfortable space for your foot to rest while the outside shines for all to see.

A real showstopper, and definitely one to invest in this season. Who knows, it may even be the perfect accompaniment for Christmas too! 

Susana Cabrera