Nurturing a growing business


Here at Susana Cabrera, our roots and heritage provide the foundation of what we do and what we create. But how do you nurture and grow a business so heavily invested in the past?

Every Susana Cabrera shoe is handmade according to tradition; heralding the shoemaking techniques that Susana was taught during her childhood in Cordoba. But that’s not Susana’s only passion, as she prides herself in a distinct community spirit that has helped her business to thrive. Selecting her materials and workers according to sustainability is vital in ensuring a future-proof creation and business model, as Susana Cabrera is committed to providing products that are built with her community in mind. 

Far too often, we see the news that is plagued by stories from the fast fashion industry, exploiting workers in far-away countries to produce cheap products in unimaginable conditions. Susana Cabrera’s vision couldn’t be farther removed from this harsh reality. 

Every member of the production team is carefully selected by Susana to work in her Spanish production facility – providing jobs to dozens of creative and hardworking industry experts. Likewise, every web designer is handpicked not according to where they are, but who they are and what they offer. We believe completely in the value of sustainability and the nurture that a solid community can provide, and that is what we seek to grow at Susana Cabrera. 

We are a community, and each shoe is a piece of art; combining tradition and history with modern designs, practical features and stylish finishes. You can enjoy every Susana Cabrera shoe, knowing it has been made by the finest hands rooted in a strong community and Spanish tradition.

Susana Cabrera