Exploring the Handmade Process.

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Spain is home to vast amounts of exports, many of which we consider to be staples in our every day lives. So much so, in fact, that often we forget the origin of the things we see every day, such as Spanish wines and other foods. 

A less known export but one shrouded in history is shoes, particularly leather shoes made with Genuine leather that provides the base of Susana Cabrera's collection. With such a strong history and heritage comes a great story, and here at Susana Cabrera, that story forms the foundation of who we are as a brand. 

The tools used to make handmade shoes are much the same as they have always been, and the addition of any technology to our process has merely been introduced to create a better product for the end customer. Despite the need to modernise minimally with the times, the tradition of hand stitching and 100% leather insoles is still very much at the heart of every pair of shoes we create, with shoes sized to perfection and the leather protected to avoid damage or shrinking. 

One of our favourite pieces of history is the moon knife created as far back as Ancient Egyptian times and used to cut around the foot perfectly. Straight knives were employed as shoemakers entered the nineteenth century, but there is a particular charm that comes from handling a moon knife that was used by skilled hands many centuries ago. 

Adding heels to shoes only became commonplace in the late 1500s, elevating the foot off the floor and mimicking the natural arch of the foot. Though the practice of adding heels has evolved and changed over the centuries, it’s interesting to see that those shoes made with the finest leather, much like our collection of stylish footwear is today, and the ones that survived the best. 

Shoemaking may have evolved drastically through the ages, but we believe in the value of tradition. Safe to say, we're proud of our roots and will continue to produce handmade shoes for years to come.

Susana Cabrera