Back to our roots


With a history deeply rooted in Spain, every Susana Cabrera shoe we ship across the world is one more step into the exciting and exotic unknown. And while fashionable cities and busy streets are the mainstay of our modern-day business, every once in a while, we think it’s important to dig our heels into our roots and see what’s there. 

After all, we owe every shoe to our Spanish heritage. 

Alicante in Spain is an area synonymous with change, soaking up the tourist industry and spitting it back out at the end of each summer. But amongst all the tourist beaches and ice cream shops and holiday homes, there lies a thriving shoemaking industry. Home to more than half of all the shoemakers in Spain, Elda in Alicante is one of the most important areas for footwear production in Europe, introducing some of the handcrafted techniques that are still vital to the industry today. For us, it is the world. 

Susana Cabrera grew up in a small town called Cordoba, and it is there that her passion for shoemaking was born. Fast forward to today, and we are proud to be designing and creating shoes that are uniquely in line with the traditional techniques taught to Susana when she was just a young girl. 

While Spain revels in its foundation as the footwear capital of Europe, we keep it lowkey. Handmade in Spain according to the very same traditional techniques engaged decades ago, Susana Cabrera is a family run business – and always will be. Our roots lie in tradition and in tradition lies our vision – to provide the finest handmade footwear, created by women for women. 

Susana Cabrera