A walk on the Style Side


A shoe that is designed for women, by women. In a growing industry where the rise of male designers is as inevitable as the changes in style that we face every season, shoes are becoming an object of status and reputation. 

All too often we see women wearing shoes they don’t feel comfortable in, simply because of the unspoken challenges that exist in society today. But should the height of the heel really dictate the confidence of the woman? And should the shape of the shoe categorise her style? 

Not in our book. 

Susana Cabrera’s vision is simple, for women to feel great while they look great; emanating effortless style while experiencing a comfort unmatched by many attractive shoes that line the shop windows today. The modern world is littered with stylish shoes that leave a dent in the wallet and an ache in the foot – but a Susana Cabrera shoe introduces the change the world of shoes needs. 

With hand-finished stitching and delicate designs, partnered with padded insoles and gently ribbed soles, every woman can feel confident that her Susana Cabrera shoe will give her the boost she needs. Specialising in both flat and heeled shoes that mirror complementary designs, transitioning from day to night has also never been easier, as Susana fills a gap in the market that we never realised was there. 

The icon of femininity, these are shoes made specially for the modern-day woman; understanding her complex needs, her unique style, and her individuality. 

We exist in a market overrun with fast fashion and price-heavy brands, yet Susana Cabrera offers something new. And we’re proud of it. 

Susana Cabrera