Susana Cabrera – The History

Shoemaking is a craft. It is a painstaking, intricate, ancient art that when done well brings the greatest pleasure to those blessed with owning them. Today this craft has been superseded by mass manufactured footwear that is far less durable and built to be replaced regularly. There are still those who appreciate the value of a beautifully designed and created shoe.

Susana Cabrera is keeping the craft alive in today’s fast world of disposable fashion with stunning shoes that are not only comfortable and gorgeous but designed and built to last.

As a native of Córdoba, Susana has shoemaking in her blood.  Córdoba in Spain is known the world over for the production of the finest leathers dating back as far as the 12thcentury. Historically shoemakers were known as cordwainers in England or cordonniers in France after the fine Cordwain leather from Córdoba. Heart and soul, fuelled by years of ancestry is poured lovingly into each and every pair of Susana Cabrera shoes.


Susana owes her passion for footwear to her grandfather. He piqued her interest in fine footwear when as a child she would watch him polish and care for his collection of exquisite handmade brogues. Her interest in shoes, the production and the joy that beautifully crafted footwear can bring to an individual developed through her childhood when she learnt the local techniques of shoemaking.


Today Susana adopts these traditional techniques, coupled with state-of-the-art technology. Her passion transcends the design, right the way through to the production, this is what makes Susana Cabrera footwear unique and desirable. Staying close to her roots each pair of shoes is handmade with between 70 and 100 steps ensuring that the comfort, fit and wearability is not compromised by impeccable style.

Keeping a real connection to her roots is an important part of Susana Cabrera as a brand. By supporting local family businesses from the production in Spain through to the fulfilment in the UK Susana is proud to provide women with beautiful shoes while keeping her history at the heart of what she does. 




Susana Cabrera