Susana Cabrera – The Brand – The Shoes

The old saying goes “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”. We urge you to take a walk in Susana Cabrera shoes, you will never look back. 

Susana has been passionate about footwear, ever since she was a little girl watching her grandfather tend to his substantial collection of handmade leather shoes. This passion has carried through her adulthood and translated into the most stunningly beautiful shoes.

Susana designs her couture footwear with women in mind. A shoe is more than just a shoe. Most women have experienced that feeling when you slip your foot into the most gorgeous shoe that you absolutely must have. Too often stylish, attractive footwear compromises on practicality and comfort. Women are left sore and aching, a price that they pay for beautiful shoes. 

When a woman slips her foot into Susana Cabrera footwear she experiences comfort, a fit that is second to none and a shoe that makes her feel incredible. 


Susana Cabrera’s collections are perfectly designed with a sensuous charm. Adorned with sparkling jewels, hand finished stitching and Susana’s signature heel detail each shoe is at home in every fashionista’s collection.  With beautiful classic designs, Susana Cabrera shoes are fabulous for every occasion, no outfit is complete without a stunning pair of shoes. With flat and heeled shoes designed side by side for an effortless day to night transition, Susana’s meticulous attention to detail is what sets her apart.



Tottering around on uncomfortable heels is not acceptable for the modern woman. Strong powerful women of today deserve more. Susana knows this and ensures that each of her designs is expertly crafted to fit in the production facility in Spain by artisan shoemakers. Invisible to the naked eye are the little, all important details that make wearing Susana Cabrera shoes a pleasure. Softly padded insoles protect the ball of the foot from pressure, discreet elastication to ankle straps to prevent rubbing and the gently ribbed soles offer a grip to avoid slipping. It appears that Susana really has thought of everything.

Fabulous, stunning and comfortable shoes, true icons of femininity.

Susana Cabrera