Susana Cabrera – Made in Spain

It isn’t just Susana Cabrera’s Spanish heritage that influences her choice to manufacture her stunning couture footwear in Spain. There are regions of Spain that are synonymous with superior quality shoemaking owing to their history and first-class techniques. 

The Alicante region of Spain is home to a thriving shoemaking industry. Around 50% of Spanish shoemaker’s are based in this region. Just 18 kilometres from Alicante airport in the city of Elche over 1,000 shoe factories are in operation making it one of the most important footwear producers in Europe.

Although shoemaking in this region is now big business it is still true to its roots with many shoemakers remaining family run businesses. Traditional techniques continue to be used, passed down through generations hand crafting beautiful footwear and contributing to the region’s reputation. Around 50 years ago DC Calzados was set up in a small factory near Elche, today a workforce of 50 produces over 600,000 pairs a year.

Elda is another influential player in the fashion industry. This area has been made particularly famous by models and members of the Spanish Royal Family donning shoes made here. With the introduction of the Footwear Fair in Spain and home to the Museo Del Calzado Elda is recognised for its contribution to the concept of shoes as an art form. Within the museum, visitors can learn about how the towns local families have had a fabulous influence on the creativity of shoemaking in the world of fashion.

Susana Cabrera owes her passion for footwear to her family heritage and hometown of Córdoba, also famous for its shoemaking history. It has always been of the utmost importance that this connection is never lost. Susana Cabrera footwear is handmade in Spain by a family run business keeping the traditionality and striking craftsmanship associated with the area. 


Susana prides herself on her support of local businesses and the community that it encourages. Moreover, maintaining local connections and minimising travel and transit goes a long way to contributing to sustainability. Susana takes her corporate responsibility to sustainability seriously and carefully selects her team from the local production facility in Spain to web designers to fulfilment and shipping in the UK, all local businesses.   


Susana Cabrera